Born in Paris, I studied music before coming to sculpture & photography.
Everything is matter. Life is matter. Matter is transformed under infinite and infinitesimal pressure. Just like the earth is modelled in infinite ways and has been for ages. I didn’t invent anything. I have only reproduced the same gesture, for hours, months, days and moons. Jeweller shaping moonlike silver, a metal so very feminine, I couldn’t restrict myself to such small dimensions. Hollowing out space, anyhow so reduced in the city, I shaped those women so much so that, in the end, they became all rounded. Enchanted I remain, by conformist aesthetics, slightly ‘dubious’ perhaps, but I still dream of the beauty of the works by the ‘Renaissance’ masters. And a ‘re-birth’, it certainly is ! To live for my art and by my art before it’s too late.
All the same, my anguish remains serene at the idea of shaping her body again, as under the surge of primitive impulse.
I sculpt.
Finally, as an exception, I write.

Yvan Tostain